The Best Photo Spots in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a beautiful place with so much rich culture. It is no wonder that everyone seems to take a ton of pictures while visiting. Here are a few must visit places in Hong Kong where you are sure to take some great photos. Get your camera ready!

Delos: The Perfect Day Trip From Mykonos

The island of Delos is an important historical, mythological and archaeological site, and it is located very close to Mykonos. It is the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, and was even a cultural and trading center. If you love archaeology or hiking, this is the perfect place for you.

What To Pack For a Winter Trip In Israel

Israel is a country on many peoples' lists to visit due to it's vast history and natural beauty. So much to see and do, from hiking and the outdoors, to museums,  and religious and historical places. If you are visiting during winter, here are some items you might need on your adventures.

8 Tips for Island Hopping in Greece

Greece is known for the many beautiful islands that are perfect to explore. It is never enough to go to just one island, which is why I recommend island hopping in Greece. There are so many islands to choose from and so much to see! Here are some tips to help you plan your Greek island hopping vacation. 

72 Hours in Montréal, QC

Montreal is definitely added to the list of my favorite cities for a number of reasons. The food, the architecture, the people... where do I even begin? There are tons of things to do, see and eat in this historic city. Although it is only an hour and a half away from NYC by plane, Montreal seems worlds away from your traditional American city. The french speaking locals totally add to this feeling of being "almost European." This definitely influenced my decision to explore this destination in just 3 days, and I do not regret it one bit! 

How to Conquer Mount Zeus

Mount Zas (Zeus) on the island of Naxos was definitely my favorite place to hike in all of Greece. It is the highest point in the Cyclades and offers beautiful views from its peak. It is also incredibly historical! The ancient Greeks believed the Olympian Zeus, god of the sky and thunder, was born in a cave on the mountain and this is how the mountain and the cave got their names. I think that this makes this hike so much cooler!